Noteworthy Contributions


    Detroit International Airport
  • Operations visualisation for Mumbai Pune Express way
  • Detroit International Airport for N-W Airlines, design Visualisation and way finding studies
  • Roadways projects in India and USA
  • Urban road and flyover development program Mumbai
  • Bridge projects all over India
  • LNG terminal for Shell at Hazira, India
  • Moders railway stations of Nai Mumbai
  • Mid America power generating facility, USA
  • Visualisation of irradiation plants design proposals
  • Manufacturing facilities visualisation for P&G, Hindutan Lever, Whirlpool etc.
  • Park Hyatt, Mumbai
  • Kohinoor Continental
  • Corporate presentation for Tarmac India
  • Residential and commercial complexes all over India
  • Shopping Malls
  • Townships/Neighborhood in India and Abroad
  • Sports stadiums in India and abroad
  • Gold gym branches all over India
  • More Gymkhana and Clubs
  • MIT school of management at Pune, India
  • Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai
  • MTNL hostel and training center, Mumbai
  • Residential Schools


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